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Mattias BoströmMattias Boström, svensk expert på Sheerlock Holmes, har just fått veta att han ska bli ett samlarkort. Det är ett amerikanskt projekt där de tar fram Sherlock Holmes-relaterade “trading cards”.

– Det är så hedrande så jag vet inte vad jag ska ta mig till, inte minst när jag ser vilka andra namn som finns på listan – alla mina sherlockianska idoler finns där, alla de som jag ju skrivit en hel bok om. Det är en bekräftelse som liknar få saker jag varit med om under mina 25 år med Sherlock Holmes, säger Mattias Boström.

Så här meddelar Weekly Sherlock Links Compendium (October 26–November 1, 2013):

The Grand Game is an ambitious and exciting new project from Brian Rodgers whom has plans to release multiple sets of Sherlock-related trading cards: think baseball cards featuring the likeness of Sherlockian all-stars. There’s a series of cards featuring various actors who have donned the deerstalker on the big and small screen as well as other Canonical items of interest. I’ll be featuring some of the artwork on here over the next couple of weeks, though The Grand Game Facebook page already contains some preliminary art. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect to the project is the 60 card set dedicated to famous Sherlockians, past and present. Many of the names and faces are BSI Sherlockians you may be familiar including: Susan Rice, Bob Katz, Peter Blau, Steve Rothman, Les Klinger, Steve Doyle, Jon Lellenberg, Mattias Boström, PJ Doyle, Joe Coppola and many more living Sherlockians whom, as well as being members of the BSI, also happen to be winners of the coveted Two Shilling Award, a distinction awarded to BSI members for “for continued prominent service” (The Sherlock Holmes Handbook, p. 190 by Chris Redmond, whose likeness will also appear in the set).

Sherlockians adorning cards who have passed beyond the Reichenbach make up a virtual who’s who of true Sherlockian All-Stars: Rex Stout (author of controversial 1941 paper “Watson Was a Woman” and Nero Wolfe literary agent), William Baring-Gould (creator of the original Annotated Sherlock Holmes) Vincent Starrett (“…where it is always 1895.”), Jay Finley Christ (inventor of the 60 story abbreviation code), Julian Wolff, S. Tupper Bigelow, John Bennett Shaw (Sherlockian collector extraordinaire), Chris Steinbrunner (founder of one of my favorite scions The Priory Scholars of NYC), Michael Harrison (author of The Footsteps of Sherlock Holmes) and of course Christopher Morley and Edgar Smith.


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